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😇Please note I work solely on Messenger sessions only. 🙏

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Time to heal ✨️
Open your heart and mind to the magical world of the afterlife.

Hi, my name is Rhian. If you are visiting this webpage today then I am sorry for your loss and your heartache. I believe my purpose and role in this life is to try to bring humans hope and peace with the help from your animals. If you have been drawn to this page today then I truly hope I can help you,🕊

Please keep in mind that I am not a psychic medium, I cannot predict the future, I work on a soul to soul connection with the animals higher self, bringing their words thoughts and feelings to you. Please keep this in mind when booking a session. Every session is different, the animals bring through what they believe you need to help you heal.

I work on messenger. There are no phonecalls or facetimes, I simply connect with your pet no pressure at all on them, and write in a message to you, everything they say, show or make me feel. You can respond to this as this helps their energy become stronger but try to leave all questions until the end. If I cannot connect then I will offer you another date as the pet may be busy on that particular day although it is extremely rare that this happens. If I still cannot connect then you will receive a full refund.
🦄 I only take 1 booking a day, the reason is your time with your pet is precious and so important for your healing,
I want you and your pet to recieve the best of my energy.
To connect with such beautiful beings I to have to be a clear channel of love for them. So the wait may be a little longer to book in for this reason. I'm also a healer so this can take up my days too. 🦄On booking you will be asked for a contact number this is only for a reminder you do not need to give your details. Please send to me in messenger a picture of your pet, no humans in the picture, the pet is best connected to when the eyes are clearly seen. The name and age and date when they passed. Here is the link.

I will do my best to provide you with reassurance, comfort and knowledge that your pet is safe and well in spirit. I work close with spirit and have experience and knowledge of the afterlife which may help you understand the signs you may have been recieving or missing.

My new book is finally complete, Soul 2 Soul is now available on Amazon. True sessions on what our pets feel once their over the rainbow bridge…Created to help heal the heart and bring you hope 🙏

Paddie my best boy.

Signs are everywhere! On a walk with Poppie and Daisey i kept hearing somewhere over the rainbow play in my head, and as i was taking pictures of my girls, on checking the images later this picture showed up of a rainbow across the floor just paddie dropping in to say hi,
This role I play is so important to me, and I dedicate it to my beautiful boy Paddie. Paddie crossed over in August 2019 at almost 13, he dedicated his life to us, and in his passing he dedicated his soul to awaken mine. Now I dedicate myself to bring healing to all those who have a broken heart, thanks to him, my animal communication journey started when he spoke to me and visited me in visions and dreams, now every animal I meet teaches me something new on my journey and that I will always treasure and appreciate. To learn more about my own personal journey and insights into the animal communication world, and the frustrations of awakening to spirit, check out my book! Me, Myself &Spirit.
💜My heart will always belong to the animals 💙We never know who may come through in these sessions, but one thing I know is, our pets are not alone and not scared or missing us, because they are with us everyday, every thought, every tear and every memory is them showing us they are still with us.

Now available, A 30 minute session with a downloadable print by Neve Clark illustrator of Soul 2 Soul Rhian's book. ✨️ also available a 2 pet session 20 minutes each.

🦋Please note: all sessions are led by the pet, I will give 100% what comes through to me in honesty and to the best of my understanding and spiritual knowledge. The session may not give you what you want to know but will give you what you need to know, this is how spirit work through me, if something doesn't resonate please hold on to it for future reference as animals give information for past present and future, when you read something the first thing or person that comes to mind is usually the
correct reference🦋
My girls, my gift from Paddie.
Poppie and Daisey.